FeetFinder –  A Beginner’s Guide to Selling In 2023

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Welcome to the fascinating world of selling feet pictures on FeetFinder! Whether you’re new to the game or looking to up your feet pic selling skills, this guide is your go-to companion. 

Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to success in this unique online venture.

Getting Started:

Selling feet pics is an art, and the first step is to capture quality images. You do not want a flowery camera – your telecellsmartphone works simply fine.

Enhance your photos with good lighting, play around with angles, and don’t forget to add a personal touch with props like lotions or quirky socks.

Perfect Your Poses:

Become a pro at capturing those perfect angles. Check out existing foot visuals for inspiration. 

Perfect Your Poses
Source: vicetemple

Keep it natural by using a Bluetooth remote for hands-free clicking. And guess what? Props are your new best friend – think lotion, nail polish, or even funky socks!

Find Your Niche:

FeetFinder has a world of categories. Stand out by creating a unique niche. Combine keywords to make your own genre – it could be as creative as “Asian Halloween waitress.” The more specific, the better. Less competition, more potential for earning!

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Craft Your Online Persona:

Choose a username that reflects your niche and is FeetFinder-friendly. Fill your bio with niche keywords, but keep it conversational. Show off your personality – it’s what makes you, you.

Craft Your Online Persona
Source: reputationx

Pricing Like a Pro:

Start with reasonable prices as a beginner. Mix it up – some lower-priced albums and a few mid-range ones. Gradually increase as you build your reputation. Custom requests? They’re your ticket to earning more.

Stay Connected:

Turn on notifications – you don’t want to keep potential buyers waiting. Engage with the FeetFinder community, and don’t be shy – approach potential buyers. Personalized messages go a long way in standing out.

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Social Media Boost:

Create an anonymous social media account using the same username. Showcase a sneak peek of your pics to attract buyers and direct them to your FeetFinder profile. It’s like building your own brand!

FeetFinder Essentials:

Sign up on FeetFinder by choosing a subscription plan. Make sure you meet the requirements, and consider alternative payment methods like Paxum or CashApp for smooth transactions.


Selling feet pics on FeetFinder is more than a side hustle – it’s your chance to shine creatively and financially. 

So, step into the exciting world of feet pic selling, put your best foot forward, and let the journey begin! Happy selling!

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