Jen Astone – Journey In Integrated Capital Investing!

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In the realm of financial activism and integrated capital advocacy, Jen Astone stands as a beacon of change, dedicating her career to championing businesses that prioritize both people and the planet. 

As the managing partner at IMPAQTO Capital, Astone has not only talked the talk but walked the walk, leaving an indelible mark on communities and entrepreneurs.

Meet Jen Astone – The Rockstar Financial Activist:

In the world of finance, Jen Astone is not just a name; she is a force driving conversations and shaping the future. Her expertise shines through discussions on crowdfunding for regenerative agriculture and investments in native communities. 

Beyond being an advocate, she emerges as a superhero for integrated capital investing, waving the flag for leadership and finance, especially urging the philanthropic sector to elevate their contributions.

Integrated Capital Investing A Superhero Approach:

Jen Astone Integrated Capital
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Integrated Capital Investing, a concept championed by Astone, is akin to assembling a dream team of financial and non-financial resources. It’s a strategic approach to back businesses on a mission to tackle significant social and environmental issues. 

Think of it as the Avengers of investing, utilizing tools like unsecured loans, senior-secured loans, equity, mezzanine finance, revenue share agreements, and even technical assistance grants and network connections.

The superhero approach delves into critical areas such as regenerative agriculture and food systems, ensuring investments make the world a better place.

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Celebrating Jennifer Astone’s Achievements:

Jennifer Astone’s journey in integrated capital investing has been studded with achievements. Her dedication to businesses aligning with the values of both people and the planet has earned her a finalist spot for the 2019 Outsized Impact Award by Exponent Philanthropy. 

From leading discussions to presenting and blogging like a boss at Confluence Philanthropy’s “Investing in Native Communities Learning Journey” meeting, Astone is celebrated for her stellar contributions to making the world a better place.

The Heart of Integrated Capital Investing – Jennifer Astone’s Mission:

Jen Astone Integrated Capital Investing
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Beyond being the founder of Integrated Capital Investing, Astone has built a movement with a clear mission – to empower investors to channel all their resources for the greater good of people and the planet. It’s not just about making investments; it’s about making a positive impact. 

Her work, highlighted by Inside Philanthropy in the context of Swift Foundation’s investment in funds supporting smallholder farmers against industrial agriculture, underscores her commitment to leadership and finance from the philanthropic sector.

What’s Next for Jen Astone – A Glimpse into the Future:

As Jennifer Astone moves forward, her commitment to catalytic philanthropy, advocacy for restorative and regenerative economies, and curation of the Transformative 25 List of Funds reveal a leader not slowing down. 

Recognized for championing the transformational investing in food systems initiative, Astone’s future plans are as dynamic as her past achievements. The mission continues – advancing integrated capital investing and supporting initiatives aligning with her values and goals.

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1. How did Jen Astone become involved in integrated capital investing?

Jen Astone became involved through her role as the managing partner at IMPAQTO Capital, championing businesses focused on both people and the planet.

2. What is Integrated Capital Investing, and how does it work?

Integrated Capital Investing strategically coordinates various financial and non-financial resources to support enterprises addressing social and environmental challenges, utilizing tools like loans, equity, and grants.

3. What are some notable achievements of Jennifer Astone in integrated capital investing?

Notable achievements include moderating discussions on impactful topics, presenting at Confluence Philanthropy’s meetings, and being a finalist for the 2019 Outsized Impact Award.

4. What is the mission of Integrated Capital Investing, founded by Jen Astone?

The mission is to empower investors to utilize all resources for the greater good of people and the planet, making positive impacts beyond traditional financial investments.

5. What are Jen Astone’s future plans in integrated capital advocacy?

Specific details are undisclosed, but her ongoing commitment indicates a dedication to advancing integrated capital investing and supporting initiatives aligned with her values.


Jen Astone’s unwavering dedication to integrated capital investing, catalytic philanthropy, and transformative initiatives paints a vibrant picture of a leader shaping a positive impact on both people and the planet. As she forges ahead with her dynamic advocacy, the future holds the promise of continued innovation and positive change in the financial landscape.

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