Korps Sukarela – Discover The Complete Overview In 2023!

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This article aims to delve into the intricacies of KSR, from its fundamental principles to the activities that define its mission.

What is Korps Sukarela (KSR)?

1. Definition and Role:

Korps Sukarela, translated as the Voluntary Corps, operates under the auspices of the Indonesian Red Cross. 

Its primary role is to harness the altruistic spirit of individuals, channeling it into voluntary efforts that contribute significantly to the welfare of society.

2. Membership Requirements:

Korps Sukarela Membership Requirements
Source: pmijaksel

Becoming a part of KSR is not merely a matter of interest; it involves a commitment to certain criteria. 

Eligible individuals, whether Indonesian residents or foreigners residing in the country, must be at least 18 years old, possess a minimum education level of SLTP/Sederajat, and be willing to undergo training while adhering to organizational rules.

3. Joining Process:

The path to becoming a KSR member is diverse, accommodating both regular individuals and students. 

From registering at local PMI offices to joining through university units (UKM) and undergoing essential education in PMI Kota/Kabupaten or UKM KSR-PMI, the joining process is designed to be inclusive.

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Activities of KSR:

1. Voluntary Blood Donation:

One of the cornerstones of KSR’s activities is the promotion of voluntary blood donation. By actively participating in blood donation drives, KSR members contribute to the nation’s healthcare system, embodying the essence of humanitarianism.

2. First Aid and Disaster Response:

KSR members are not mere bystanders; they are trained in providing first aid and play a pivotal role in responding to accidents, disasters, and conflicts. 

This hands-on approach underscores their commitment to being first responders in times of crisis.

3. Community-Based Programs:

Korps Sukarela Community-Based
Source: ksr.ub

The outreach of KSR goes beyond immediate crisis response. Programs like Dapur Umum, emergency shelters, relief distribution, and ReStoring Family Link (RFL) for disaster victims exemplify KSR’s commitment to long-term community support.

4. Youth Education and Counseling:

Recognizing the importance of proactive measures, KSR engages in youth education and counseling. 

Programs such as Peer Counseling address critical issues like HIV/AIDS and substance abuse, fostering a healthier society from the grassroots.

5. Life Skills Development:

KSR’s involvement in life skills development sets it apart. It’s not just about responding to emergencies; it’s about empowering individuals with skills that transcend crises and contribute to personal growth.

6. Assistance to PMI Kota/Kabupaten:

Collaboration is key, and KSR actively assists PMI Kota/Kabupaten in nurturing the next generation of humanitarian leaders through its support for Palang Merah Remaja (PMR) members.

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Becoming a KSR Member:

Korps Sukarela KSR Member
Source: pmikotaserang

1. Post-Recruitment Training:

The journey doesn’t end with recruitment; it begins with basic training. KSR members undergo foundational training before progressing to advanced levels, a testament to the organization’s commitment to skill development.

2. Specialization and Satgana:

For those seeking a more specialized role, KSR offers avenues for specialization. The disaster response unit, Satuan Siaga Penanggulangan Bencana (Satgana), becomes an option for those ready to take on advanced responsibilities.

3. Focus on Disaster Response:

Specialized training covers a spectrum of disaster response and social services. KSR members equipped with this training stand ready to provide organized assistance during emergencies, contributing to community health and resilience.

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Kegiatan Korps Sukarela KSR-PMI Unit IBISA Tahun 2023:

1. Diklat Korp Sukarela (KSR):

Diklat Korp Sukarela
Source: okebajo

A specific event at the Institut Teknologi Bisnis dan Kesehatan Bhakti Putra Bangsa Indonesia (IBISA) unit in 2023 offers a glimpse into the localized activities of KSR. 

The Diklat Korp Sukarela focused on a two-day training program shaping young, quality volunteers responsive to humanitarian needs.

2. Opening Ceremony:

The event’s inauguration by Irwan Siswanto, the Dean of IBISA, added a touch of officiality. His words emphasized the importance of developing leaders with a strong humanitarian spirit.

3. Training Topics:

The two-day training covered a range of topics, from first aid to family care, disaster management, restoring family links, and simulations, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of KSR’s mission.

4. KSR’s Impact:

Through such events, KSR seeks to instill a sense of responsibility, promote a healthy lifestyle, and raise awareness about disease prevention among its members, ensuring a positive impact on the surrounding community.

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1. How can I join Korps Sukarela (KSR)?

To join KSR, visit your local PMI office or contact the University Student Activity Unit (UKM) handling humanitarian activities.

2. Is there an age limit for becoming a KSR member?

Yes, the minimum age requirement is 18 years.

3. What activities does KSR focus on?

KSR engages in activities such as voluntary blood donation, disaster response, community-based programs, youth education, and life skills development.

4. Can students join KSR?

Absolutely! Students can join through their university’s UKM or undergo basic education at PMI Kota/Kabupaten.

5. How does KSR contribute to disaster response?

KSR members, especially those in Satgana, undergo specialized training to provide organized assistance during emergencies.


In a world where self-interest often takes precedence, Korps Sukarela stands as a symbol of hope, proving that collective volunteer efforts can bring about meaningful change. Through its diverse activities and unwavering commitment to training, KSR molds individuals into compassionate leaders, ready to shape a better world.

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