San Antonio Craigslist – The Stories Of Unseen Bonds In 2023

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In the hustle and bustle of San Antonio, some connections are missed, like ships passing in the night. These Craigslist “missed connections” stories capture fleeting moments of potential friendships and romances. 

Let’s explore the heartwarming tales of strangers crossing paths, edited for clarity and presented in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand format.

Woman Riding a Motorcycle:

On a sunny day, two motorcyclists rode side by side, engines humming in harmony. The connection was there, but the traffic lights never gave them a chance to exchange numbers. 

The plea in this missed connection is simple – a desire for a riding buddy to share the open road. Sometimes, it’s the missed turns that lead to the most unexpected destinations.

Encounter at Target Creekside on Christmas Eve:

A woman in a green dress sought assistance in the stationary department at Target Creekside. A brief encounter, a smile exchanged, and then she walked away. 

This missed connection captures the essence of those small, fleeting moments that linger in the memory, leaving behind a sense of curiosity and a missed opportunity.

Starbucks, White Truck with Woody Guthrie Sticker:

In the drive-thru line at Starbucks, a white truck adorned with a Woody Guthrie sticker paid for a stranger’s drinks, bringing a glimmer of joy to a challenging holiday season. 

Acts of kindness, even as simple as paying for a coffee, have the power to revive a positive perspective. This missed connection serves as a reminder of the ripple effect of goodwill.

Waiting in Line at Big Lots:

A chance encounter in a Big Lots line led to a chat, and the desire for it to continue beyond the store doors. 

Sometimes, it’s the shared moments in mundane places that pave the way for meaningful connections. A simple interaction in a checkout line becomes a potential starting point for something more.

HEB 410/Bandera:

In the aisles of an HEB, paths crossed, and intermittent conversations sparked interest. This missed connection contemplates the possibility of finding someone to share thoughts on life, a connection that goes beyond casual encounters. Sometimes, a simple conversation in a grocery store can lead to unexpected connections.

Dezavala Car Wash by Sam’s Club:

Amid the hum of vacuum cleaners at a car wash, eyes locked, and a connection felt but not pursued. 

This missed connection is a heartfelt acknowledgment of a missed opportunity to connect with a beautiful stranger. A plea to know more, to connect, and to discover what might have been.

Tea and Lottery Tickets at Fisher’s on Walnut:

A routine of tea and lottery tickets at Fisher’s on Walnut became a familiar sight. Small talk, glimpses into each other’s lives, and a missed chance to exchange numbers. 

This missed connection paints a picture of missed opportunities and the hope of reconnecting, even if the chances are slim.

Central Market:

Amidst the aisles of Central Market, a striking connection was made through eye contact. This missed connection, tinged with a touch of mystery, invites the individual with a reddish beard and the woman in the red flannel shirt to reach out. Sometimes, a shared gaze can be the beginning of a beautiful story.

I Filmed 100 Gecs on Your 3DS at Paper Tiger:

A unique connection unfolded during a 100 Gecs show at Paper Tiger. A 3DS passed between strangers, capturing the essence of a shared experience. 

This missed connection is a quest to reconnect, not just for the sake of a video but to explore the potential friendship that began with a simple shrug and a shared moment.


These missed connections, posted on Craigslist, are more than just unfulfilled encounters; they are glimpses into the human longing for connection and the beauty found in the briefest moments. 

In the tapestry of San Antonio, these stories remain, waiting for a chance to weave together the threads of missed opportunities into something extraordinary.

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