Snapchat Planet Order – Complete Overview In 2023!

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Snapchat, known for its innovative features such as Snap Score and Trophies, introduces another intriguing concept: the “Snapchat Solar System Order.” 

This comprehensive guide will unravel the mystery behind Snapchat Plus Planets, providing insights into their order, significance, and how they reflect the dynamics of friendships on the platform.

Snapchat Plus Planets in Order: Understanding the Solar System:

Snapchat’s Solar System Planet order is a creative and playful way to symbolize your friendships on the platform. 

The concept involves assigning different planets to your eight best friends, each planet indicating a rank based on the frequency and depth of your interactions. 

Let’s delve into the order and interpretation of each Snapchat planet:

1. Earth:

In the Snapchat hierarchy, this planet stands as your third-closest friend, identifiable by its depiction as a blue and green celestial body adorned with a moon and encircled by red hearts. 

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The visual representation of this planet signifies a substantial and meaningful connection with this friend in the vast Snapchat universe.

2. Mercury:

This planet symbolizes your closest friend, characterized by its distinctive pink hue and adorned with red hearts. 

Source: beebom

The essence of a profound level of interaction and engagement, reflecting the depth of connection with this particular friend in the vibrant world of Snapchat.

3. Venus:

Representing your second-closest companion on Snapchat, this planet stands out with its inviting beige hue, embellished by a constellation of yellow, pink, and blue hearts. 

Source: beebom

This portrayal denotes not just a sturdy connection but also frequent and lively communication with this specific friend. It encapsulates the core of a resilient and consistently engaging bond within the Snapchat landscape.

4. Mars:

Symbolizing your fourth-best companion on Snapchat, this distinctive red planet is adorned with captivating blue and purple hearts.

Source: beebom

This visual representation goes beyond mere aesthetics, portraying a friendship of substance and regular interaction within the Snapchat connection.

5. Jupiter:

Representing your fifth-closest companion on Snapchat Plus, this distinctive orange-colored planet is adorned with an array of enchanting blue, pink, and yellow stars. 

Source: beebom

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this visual symbol highlights a robust and consistent connection with the respective friend. 

6. Saturn:

Portraying your sixth-closest friend in the Snapchat ranking, this yellow planet is surrounded by a distinctive circular ring. 

Source: beebom

It serves as a clear indicator of a noteworthy Snapchat friendship and connection with this particular friend.

7. Uranus:

Identifying your seventh-close friend within the Snapchat ecosystem, this green-colored planet is surrounded by yellow and green stars.It reflects a meaningful and regular connection with this particular friend.

Source: beebom

8. Neptune:

Denoting your eighth-best friend on Snapchat, the blue planet with stars around it indicates a connection that, although present, may not be as frequent or intense as with higher-ranked friends. 

Source: beebom

This celestial representation offers a visual insight into the level of engagement and regularity of communication in your Snapchat connections. 

Viewing Snapchat Planets in Order: A Simple Guide

To access Snapchat Planets Plus and view the ranking of your friends through the Solar System Plus, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have an active Snapchat Plus subscription.
  • Ensure both you and your friend have a linked Bitmoji.

Once these conditions are met, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Navigate to the Chat section and select a conversation.
  • Tap on your friend’s name and choose the “Best Friend or Friend” option.

Understanding the terms:

  • Friends: Indicates you are among their top 8 best friends, though they may not be reciprocated in your top friends’ list.
  • Best Friends: Denotes that you both are among each other’s best friends, aligning with planetary positions.

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Troubleshooting Snapchat Plus Planets: Why Aren’t They Working?

If your Snapchat Plus Planets aren’t displaying correctly, consider the following:

  • Ensure you have an active Snapchat Plus subscription.
  • Cultivate meaningful friendships to warrant meaningful rankings.
  • Confirm that the Bitmoji linking process is completed successfully.

What’s New in Snapchat?

Recent reports reveal an exciting update in the Snapchat realm. The social media platform has introduced its AI chatbot, My AI, available to all users globally. 

This innovative feature allows users to enhance their conversations by providing gift suggestions, answering complex questions, and more. For detailed information, users can explore Snapchat’s official Newsroom.


1. What is Snapchat Planet Order?

Snapchat Planet Order is a unique feature that assigns planets to your friends based on your interaction frequency. It visually represents your friends’ rankings within the Snapchat ecosystem.

2. How are Planets Assigned in Snapchat?

Planets are assigned based on your engagement with friends, with the closest friend receiving the planet Mercury and the eighth-closest receiving Neptune.

3. Can I Customize Snapchat Planet Order?

No, Snapchat automatically assigns planets based on your interaction levels; customization is not available.

4. How Can I See Snapchat Planets?

To view Snapchat Planets, ensure you have a Snapchat Plus subscription, and both you and your friend have linked Bitmojis. Then, navigate to the “Chat Section >> Conversation” and tap on your friend’s name.

5. Why Are My Snapchat Plus Planets Not Working?

Possible reasons include not having a Snapchat Plus subscription, not being a close friend to anyone, or incomplete Bitmoji linking. Ensure these conditions are met for Snapchat Plus Planets to function properly.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide has aimed to clarify the Snapchat Plus planet order concept, providing a nuanced understanding of how these celestial symbols allow users to gauge the closeness of their Snapchat connections.

By understanding the unique order and symbolism of each planet, users can navigate their Snapchat friendships with greater insight and engagement. 

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