That Which Flows By – Unlocking The Magic Story In 2023!

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Have you discovered the enchanting world of That Which Flows, the popular Korean webtoon? This romantic fantasy series takes readers on a captivating journey filled with magic, adventure, and moral dilemmas. 

Whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned fan, here’s a comprehensive overview of the series, its characters, and what makes it a must-read for fantasy enthusiasts.

Synopsis Of “That Which Flows” Manhwa:

That Which Flows, a Korean manga series, unfolds in a fable realm brimming with magic and adventure.

The story centers around Yeon, a young water mage, as he embarks on quests, battles enemies, and forms alliances with fellow mages Lisesharte and Jueki. With its colourful artwork and endearing characters, That Which Flows guarantees an interesting break out into a mystical world.

Narrative And Essential Characters:

That Which Flows By Characters
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1. Protagonist Shift:

  • The storyline shifts focus to Yuri, a high school girl endowed with the unique ability to perceive “lines of flow” symbolizing destiny.

2. Ethical Struggles:

  • Yuri confronts ethical challenges as she wrestles with the moral ramifications of changing fate using her extraordinary powers.

3. Interwoven Relationships:

  • Integral to the plot, Yuri’s connections with characters, especially her childhood friend Takahiro, play a crucial role in shaping the narrative.

4. Exploration Of Consequences:

  • “That Which Flows” explores the far-reaching consequences associated with the manipulation of destiny, adding complexity to the unfolding story.

5. Philosophical Contemplation:

  • The Manhwa provides a poignant reflection on the delicate equilibrium between free will and the inevitable course of fate, contributing depth to its thematic exploration.

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Why Fans Adore The That Which Flows Manhwa:

The Manhwa’s fanbase thrives on its captivating story, complex characters, and dark, edgy tone. Readers are drawn to Mia’s journey in a seemingly ordinary high school setting intertwined with mysterious powers. 

The series maintains a fast pace, featuring suspenseful action scenes and dramatic reveals that leave fans eagerly anticipating each installment. The appealing art style, characterized by a dark and stylized tone, further enhances the overall reading experience.

Where To Access That Which Flows Online:

That Which Flows By
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For those eager to dive into the series, several online platforms, including Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, and Mangasee123, offer accessible options. 

Each platform provides readers with the latest chapters and updates, allowing them to follow the characters’ journeys seamlessly.

When Can We Expect the Release Of That Which Flows Season 2?

While fans eagerly await the announcement of Season 2, there is no official premiere date as of now. Predictions based on the previous season’s schedule suggest a potential release in 2022. 

Factors such as the complex animation process, manga source material progression, and coordination of talents contribute to the anticipation. Until then, enthusiasts can engage with the series through rewatching, reading the manga, or exploring fan theories.

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1. What Is “That Which Flows” About?

“That Which Flows” is a popular Korean webtoon series that follows characters like Yeon, a princess with powers over energy flow, and Yuri, a girl who can manipulate destiny lines. It explores themes of magic, adventure, and moral dilemmas.

2. Who Are The Main Characters In “That Which Flows”?

The main characters include Yeon, a water mage; Lisesharte, a fire mage; and Jueki, an earth mage. In another storyline, Yuri is the central character, navigating her ability to change people’s destinies.

3. What Sets “That Which Flows” Apart From Other Manhwa Series?

Fans love the captivating story, dark tone, and well-developed characters. The series blends supernatural elements with everyday challenges, creating a unique and suspenseful narrative.

4. Where Can I Read “That Which Flows” Online?

You can read “That Which Flows” on popular platforms like Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, and Mangasee123. These sites offer free access to the series.

5. When Can We Expect “That Which Flows” Season 2?

While there’s no official release date for Season 2, based on the previous schedule, it’s anticipated to premiere around the same time in 2022. Delays may occur due to the production process and external factors like the COVID-19 pandemic.


That Which Flows stands as a captivating addition to the world of Korean webtoons, offering a blend of magic, suspense, and thought-provoking themes. 

Whether you’re enticed by Yeon’s adventures or engrossed in Yuri’s moral dilemmas, this Manhwa promises an immersive reading experience. So, what are you ready for? Immerse yourself in the magic and let That Which Flows carry you away on a spellbinding journey. Happy reading!

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