What Channel is nfl Network on Spectrum – Complete Guide!

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If you’re a football enthusiast aiming to catch the latest NFL action on Spectrum, navigating through channels might feel like an intricate play. 

This comprehensive guide is your playbook to effortlessly locate the NFL Network and its Fret dynamic counterpart, NFL RedZone, no matter your location in the United States.

Decoding the Channel Numbers:

Understanding the city and state-specific channel numbers for the NFL Network on Spectrum is akin to mastering a playbook. Let’s simplify it:

  • Albany, NY: 74 or 310
  • Anaheim, CA: 310
  • Austin, TX: 310
  • Bakersfield, CA: 52 or 116
  • Birmingham, AL: 90 or 416

The History of NFL Network:

Delve into the origins of the NFL Network, a haven curated for football aficionados. Established in 2003, initially showcasing game highlights and commentary, the pivotal moment arrived in 2006 when it began broadcasting live regular-season games.

Did You Know? The NFL Network boasts a diverse programming palette, including eight live games for the 2023 season, international competitions, and comprehensive coverage of football events like the NFL Draft.

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NFL Network Programming Unveiled:

Embark on a journey through the diverse offerings of NFL Network programming:

1. Live Games: 

Dive into the heart of football action with the NFL Network’s live games, featuring thrilling matchups like Thursday Night Football. 

Live Games
Source: spectrum

Experience the intensity of primetime games that showcase the best of the NFL, providing fans with front-row access to the excitement on the field.

2. Talk Shows: 

Unlock exclusive insights and in-depth analysis with renowned talk shows such as NFL Total Access and Good Morning Football. 

Delve into discussions that go beyond the game, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of team strategies, player performances, and the latest developments in the world of football.

3. Other Broadcasts: 

Beyond live games, the NFL Network brings a spectrum of football coverage to your screens. Enjoy live college football action, comprehensive coverage of draft day, and special events that highlight the essence of the sport. 

Whether it’s the anticipation of new talent or the excitement of special occasions, the NFL Network keeps you connected to the broader football landscape.

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4. Documentary Programs: 

Immerse yourself in the rich storytelling of the NFL Films umbrella. The NFL Network presents compelling documentary programs that offer a deeper insight into the game’s history, iconic moments, and the personalities that have shaped football culture. Explore a collection of high-quality narratives that enhance your appreciation for the sport.

Documentary Programs
Source: history-computer

5. Stay Tuned: 

The NFL Network is your gateway to a rich tapestry of football experiences that extend beyond the game itself. Stay tuned for a diverse range of programming that captures the essence of football culture.

Whether it’s international competitions, behind-the-scenes insights, or exclusive interviews, the NFL Network promises a dynamic and immersive journey for football enthusiasts.

NFL RedZone – Your Dynamic Sidekick:

Meet the NFL RedZone, the NFL Network’s dynamic sister channel:

  • Unique Coverage: Airing on Sunday afternoons, it hops between in-progress games.
  • Thrilling Moments: Never miss a scoring opportunity with real-time commentary.
  • Comprehensive Updates: Your go-to for all Sunday NFL action, a perfect supplement to NFL Network programming.

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NFL Network on Spectrum Cable – A Football Fan’s Delight:

For football aficionados, Spectrum brings the NFL Network to your screens. Here’s a quick roundup:

  • Inclusive Plans: Both Spectrum Select Signature and Spectrum Select Plus plans offer NFL Network.
  • Find Your Channel: Check your localized channel lineup on the Spectrum website for the exact channel number.


1. What channel is NFL Network on Spectrum?

The channel number for NFL Network on Spectrum varies by location. Check the local channel lineup on Spectrum’s official website.

2. Does Spectrum carry NFL Network?

Yes, Spectrum offers NFL Network on both Spectrum Select Signature and Spectrum Select Plus plans.

3. How can I watch NFL on Spectrum?

Subscribe to Spectrum Select Signature or Spectrum Select Plus plans to enjoy NFL games in HD quality through cable TV packages.

4. Is NFL Network available in HD on Spectrum?

Yes, Spectrum provides NFL Network in HD quality as part of its cable TV packages.

5. Where can I find the channel number for NFL Network?

Visit the official Spectrum website at https://www.spectrum.com/cable-tv/channel-lineup to find the exact channel number for NFL Network based on your location and plan.


This guide serves as a valuable resource for football fans navigating Spectrum channels, providing seamless access to the NFL Network and NFL RedZone nationwide. With insights into city-specific channel numbers and a deep dive into the NFL Network’s rich history and diverse programming, the guide ensures enthusiasts stay well-informed. 

Inclusive Spectrum plans offer a thrilling experience with live games, exclusive talk shows, and compelling documentaries.

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