Great Western Buildings Lawsuit –  Key Facts In 2023!

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The Great Western Buildings Lawsuit of 2023 has emerged as a significant legal battle, creating ripples of intrigue and concern within the industry. Great Western Building Systems, a number one participant withinside the pre-engineered metallic constructing and metallic component sector, is facing serious allegations that have drawn attention from industry professionals and customers alike. 

In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the key aspects of the lawsuit, its background, legal intricacies, and the potential implications for both the company and the broader metal building industry.

Overview of the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit:

At the heart of the lawsuit are multifaceted allegations encompassing product delivery issues, concerns about construction quality, and dissatisfactions related to customer experiences. 

To comprehend the potential implications of this legal battle, it is imperative to dissect these primary issues meticulously. The unfolding drama in this legal saga carries the weight of potential repercussions that could significantly impact Great Western Building Systems and reverberate throughout the metal building industry.

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Context and Entities Involved:

The genesis of the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit can be traced back to dissatisfied clients who lodged complaints ranging from delivery problems to breaches of contract. Notably, contractors involved with Great Western Building Systems also voiced concerns, citing unacquired permits and resultant project delays. 

Context and Entities Involved
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The legal representative for the plaintiffs, Nicholas P. Hansen, filed claims against the defendants, accusing them of financial transgressions and failing to fulfill contractual obligations. The lawsuit serves as a battleground for clients seeking compensation and rectification for alleged shortcomings in the services provided by Great Western Building Systems.

The events leading to the lawsuit present a complex narrative. Homeowners reported issues with newly constructed homes, primarily concerning water damage. These reports triggered a cascade of complaints against Great Western Buildings, revealing a pattern of alleged misconduct. 

Homeowners, grappling with the financial implications of subpar construction, sought remedies and expressed concerns about the longevity of their investments. The company’s purported failure to issue refunds or address damages further fueled frustrations, leading to a litany of grievances from dissatisfied customers.

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The Great Western Buildings Lawsuit of 2023 has brought to light several legal issues that form the crux of the dispute. Allegations of negligence are central, with plaintiffs contending that Great Western Buildings failed to meet safety standards in the delivery and assembly of metal buildings. 

Legal Issues Raised
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Material facts are also under scrutiny, with accusations that the company misrepresented or omitted crucial details about the products, leaving customers with potentially hazardous structures. Bonds, both performance and payment, enter the legal fray, with claims that the company violated the terms of these bonds. Mechanic’s liens have surfaced as well, with multiple parties seeking redress for alleged non-payment or underpayment.

Court Proceedings:

The court proceedings unfolded in the Maricopa County Superior Courts, with a judge presiding over the case to ensure a fair hearing. Represented by the reputable law firm Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin P.C.,each events provided their cases. 

Court Proceedings

Docket entries meticulously recorded various motions, filings, and decisions made by the court, providing a chronological account of the legal proceedings.A proof of service was submitted to confirm that all involved parties received court documents and notifications related to the case, ensuring transparency and fairness in the proceedings.

Throughout the court proceedings, a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone was maintained by both parties, facilitating a more manageable evaluation of the case merits. This approach aimed at resolving the conflict fairly and expeditiously, with considerations given to the arguments presented by both sides.

Key Decisions and Results:

Several significant rulings emerged during the court proceedings, shaping the trajectory of the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit. Notably, the court ruled that the deposit made by the plaintiff was non-refundable, emphasizing the importance of carefully reviewing contract terms. 

Key Decisions and Results
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In the context of a construction project loan, the court determined that the defendant failed to meet agreed-upon repayment terms, highlighting the consequences of breaching loan agreements. The court also addressed the contentious issue of a lifetime warranty, finding that the defendant had not adequately fulfilled warranty obligations, underscoring the importance of reliable warranties in ensuring customer satisfaction.

These rulings, while specific to the case, hold broader implications for the industry. They emphasize the significance of clear and detailed contractual agreements, adherence to loan repayment schedules, and the importance of delivering on warranty promises to maintain customer trust.

Beyond the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit in question, the company has faced legal challenges in various locations, including Aurora and Reno. Lease disputes and issues related to unpaid work have added layers of complexity to Great Western Buildings’ legal history. 

Other Legal Matters and Disputes
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Law corporations which includes Robinson & Henry P.C. and Frascona Joiner Goodman & Greenstein P.C. have been involved in representing plaintiffs in these related cases. It is crucial to approach the examination of these legal challenges with a clear and neutral perspective, understanding the nuances of each case.

Influence on Great Western Buildings and the Industry:

The lawsuit has undoubtedly impacted Great Western Building Systems, especially in terms of its reputation within the metal building industry. The company’s standing and customer trust have taken a hit, prompting internal reviews and reassessments of quality assurance processes. 

To mitigate the impact, the industry at large has undergone a period of introspection. Metal building companies, cognizant of potential reputational risks, have heightened their focus on proper documentation, compliance with building codes, and attentive customer service. 

The goal is to prevent similar issues that could tarnish the reputation of the metal constructing quarter and to uphold the dedication to supplying exceptional systems for diverse belongings types.

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1. What is the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit about?

The lawsuit involves allegations against Great Western Building Systems, a major player in pre-engineered steel buildings. Clients and contractors have filed complaints related to delivery issues, construction quality, and breach of contract.

2. Who are the parties involved in the lawsuit?

The primary entities involved are Great Western Building Systems, accused of contractual breaches, and dissatisfied clients represented by Nicholas P. Hansen, who seek compensation and rectification.

The lawsuit brings to light legal issues such as negligence, misrepresentation of material facts, violations of performance and payment bonds, and claims for mechanic’s liens due to alleged non-payment or underpayment.

4. Where are the court proceedings taking place?

The court proceedings are unfolding in the Maricopa County Superior Courts, with Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin P.C. representing one of the parties. Docket entries provide a detailed record of the case timeline.

5. What impact has the lawsuit had on Great Western Buildings and the industry?

The lawsuit has affected the company’s reputation, prompting internal reviews and a focus on quality assurance. Industry-wide, there’s heightened attention to documentation, building code compliance, and customer service to prevent reputational risks.


While complaints against Great Western Buildings reveal challenges, the company remains active in the market. 

Despite the lawsuit, the expansion into Grand Junction in 2021 suggests ongoing success. A balanced perspective is essential to understand the lawsuit’s implications on all stakeholders involved.

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